Saturday night catch up

Wow am I behind. I haven’t posted an outfit since Tuesday, and here it is Saturday night. In my defense, I usually write these posts on my phone, because photo integration is really easy there. But the other day I found myself entirely out of storage. The phone refused to take a picture! So I plugged it into my desktop and promptly deleted my more recent photos from my phone. End result? I needed to post from my kitchen computer, which is great but not convenient. The kids always come running when I’m on this one. Anyway. What did I wear?

Wednesday I wore my brown floral skirt with the brown tee. Brown closed toe shoes. July24outfitThursday was a bit cool. I was tired and just wanted something comfy to wrap myself in. I chose my old sage green knit skirt and an oatmeal long sleeve tee. It’s the kind of outfit that feels like wearing pajamas. To make it a little nicer I added a long pendant that’s on a leather cord. Becky liked that and asked to play with it every time I put her in her car seat. July25outfitOn Friday I went with my old reliable denim skirt and a green tee. I really like the gathered neckline on this. I need to keep an eye out for more tops with a neckline like that. July26outfit

Bonus outfit (but bad photo) from Friday. I took the kids to the pool. Here’s my favorite mama suit. It’s great for zero entry pools and splash parks because I feel well covered. Yesterday I wore it to save myself finding my cover up for walking the two scant blocks back home. July26swim

Today I didn’t get a photo, but I can substitute one from a previous day. :) I wore my black knit skirt and purple tee. I wore my black Dansko sandals in the morning for acupuncture and errands. In the afternoon we went for a family bike ride and I wore my blue Chaco sandals.   20130715-162643.jpg

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2 Responses to Saturday night catch up

  1. Dushenka says:

    Love, love loved! Wend Thurs and Friday! Saturday? I’m not sure what happened here. Is it my eyes? Is it the photo? What’s going on that Wend – Friday are so perfect in and of themselves and delightful on you, but Saturday just doesn’t live up to that standard in my opinion. In any case, Thank you again for doing this.

    • jenn says:

      I think I know what it is. The purple top is a nursing top I bought for immediate post-partum wear. It’s shaped more like a smock than a fitted tee.
      I appreciate your opinion! I had been thinking of this outfit as giving me a columnar look, but I think it may be hitting 55-gallon drum more than tall elegant column. :)

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