The home stretch!

Outfit-a-day was intended to be a one month experiment. Here we are on July 30th, and there’s just one more day to go! I hope I’ve learned something. I think I have. I’ll be doing a summary post later in the week to look back at the month.

In the meantime I am reminded of how bad I am at maintaining a routine without outside interference. In other words, here’s another triple!

July28outfit On Sunday I biked into town to go to the Farmer’s Market and get a pedicure. Once I got home I asked Drew to take my picture for me. I wanted to wear a blue pendant, but it turned out to be too short, so I subbed in my favorite gauze scarf.

July29outfitOn Monday it was laundry day. I had my choice of two tees: this blue sweater or a plain white tee. Unfortunately the plain white tee needs a cami under it and my white cami was in the wash. I could have worn one of my nursing tanks, but I am too fond of the silhouette I get from wearing a bra that actually fits (I think the nursing tanks are about 4 sizes too small). So despite the fact that you all have told me that the blue sweater isn’t the most flattering choice, I put it on.

July30outfitHere we are on Tuesday. I was up way too late last night and didn’t have time to iron this morning. So a knit skirt was definitely the answer. I like the way this skirt pairs with my light blue hoodie (not shown because by noon I no longer needed it), so I grabbed it. A white tee and pink scarf and I was ready to go. Unfortunately Becky smeared blackberries on my white tee at breakfast time. I went to school with my sweater zipped up over the stains and changed into the white tee you see here when I got home.

One more day. I’ll see you tomorrow!


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  1. Dushenka says:

    love the scarves!

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